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Our Group Chat Makes Our Salon Suite Culture!

Here is something you definitely didn't realize you needed in your life! At J Suites, our group chat really makes the salon suite life beautiful!

Salon Suite Culture Group Chat

At J Suites, we really mean it when we say that we are focused on the culture! When you become a salon suite owner at J Suites, you will immediately be added to the group chat for your location and for All J Suites Owners. Not only is it a place where announcements are made to everyone, but it's a place to communicate among each other. Here are just a few chats seen in the group chats:

When a new salon suite owner joined the group chat: "Anytime you have questions feel free to ask! Definitely what I did! It makes this process easier!"
When a salon suite owner was busy all day with clients: "Whoever the angel was who folded my towels for me, THANK YOU! It's been a crazy busy day for me and that act of kindness was greatly appreciated!"
When one of our suite owners had a health issue: Thank you everyone who took the time to sign my card. It def made my day!"
When a suite owner ran out of a supply: Out of curiosity do any of you happen to carry or have Malibu DDL packets? I'm in a pickle and ran out.
When a waxer had some time in her calendar: Hey all, I have no clients booked today between 2 and 4, if you have any clients that want an eyebrow wax while they are processing, send them my way!
When a suite owner wanted help with the booking software: Has anyone sold gift certificates through Gloss Genius?
When someone new was filling out their shop license application: If you need a label maker, I have one you can borrow! Labeling everything makes the inspection way easier!
When a suite owner needed to hang something in her suite: Does anyone have a stepladder I can borrow?
When a massage therapist needed to drum up new business: Hey all! Free 60 min massage to anyone who sends me 3 new clients this month!

It's a simple and very effective way to show up for each other, celebrate one another, thank each other, and support one another!

Does this sound like the kind of place you would want to be? Call or text Sue now to join the group chat you never knew you needed! 📞 609-301-0125

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