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Marlton, NJ

Our flagship salon, J Suites of Marlton, is located at the beautiful and busy Marlton Square Shopping Center in Evesham. With top notch neighbors, a prominent and convenient location and loads of parking, this location could not be more convenient for you and your clients!

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The Marlton Square Shopping Center is located on Route 73 in Evesham, less than one mile from the Promenade at Sagemore. Our neighbors include Trader Joe's, Janie & Jack and Ethan Allen. 

J Suites is located right next to Blue Mercury.

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Inside J Suites of Marlton you will find the most variety in stylist suite sizes, from small to very large singles, doubles with multiple shampoo chairs, and more. There is a also a spa corridor for those providing services which require quiet.

Common areas include a well appointed lobby and luxurious restrooms for your clients, and a generously sized break room with private restroom and complimentary laundry services for you.

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