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Group of people laughing with drinks.


Together, we are creating our community, suite by suite. Yes, we want to be filled with the most talented beauty professionals, but also people who are here to lift each other up and who want to be independent, but not alone. Our culture continues to be fostered with a calendar of events including celebrations, continuing education and more. See a sample calendar below!

Sue goes beyond merely providing visually stunning suites; she crafts a thriving ecosystem for growth and prosperity. Her dedication to our individual journeys is palpable, and she equips us with every resource conceivable to thrive in our unique ventures. It’s not just about renting a space, it's about becoming part of a community where success is a shared pursuit, and support is a fundamental promise. In Sue’s world, our victories are collective, and our triumphs echo the strength of the community she has meticulously curated. 


          ~ Alex Cooney, Suite Owner

salon suite event calendar.jpg
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