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Want to learn even more about J Suites and what makes us different? Start here - with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact us when you're ready to lean more and take the first step to opening your luxury salon suite in South Jersey!

What exactly is a salon suite?


Each salon suite (or studio salon) in J Suites is a separate, fully enclosed, customized room with a private locking entrance, furnished with everything you need to open for business as a salon. Each “mini salon” will have it’s own salon license from the New Jersey state board of cosmetology, which allows beauty professionals like you the opportunity to actually own your own salon without the risks and expenses that can come with a traditional salon buildout. Think of J Suites as a beauty mall – with stores throughout serving our clients.


A salon suite provides more freedom, more profits, and more privacy for stylists and estheticians. Your luxury studio salon at J Suites can be decorated however you like, so you can design the salon or spa space that you’ve always envisioned. You set your own hours, make your own rules, and use whatever product you like. Should you need anything at all, call us, and our professional team will take care of it. All you pay is rent and we take care of the rest!


Why is J Suites different from the other salon suites?


J Suites is truly different from any other salon suites business anywhere. Unlike the corporate or franchised suite businesses that make up the majority of studio salons, J Suites is a woman owned independent beauty collective established right here in South Jersey. Our founder, Sue Jacquette, was focused on three important things to create unrivaled value for new business owners joining our beauty collective:

  1. curating a culture of support

  2. offering the most luxury brand out there

  3. providing more amenities than anyone else

All this while helping our owners find a work-life balance.


Not only are our studio salons built to exude luxury, from the high end finishes to the larger sizes of our suites – but being woman owned means that our culture is one that supports not just you, but everything that is important to you.


What is a beauty collective?


We are more than just a salon suite in South Jersey, J Suites is a “beauty collective.” That means that, together, we are creating our community suite by suite. We want to be filled with the best in the business, but we also want people who lift each other up. Our “curated culture” means that anyone who joins our collective is like-minded and has the same goals for themselves, each other and our collective clients. This culture continues to be fostered throughout your time with us as we celebrate all of your joys, gather to support your needs, build you up with education and more. We’re more than a place to rent a salon or spa space – we are a real family!


What are the amenities at J Suites?


Like all salon suites, we offer business class WIFI and all utilities, security and 24/7 access, but we take our included amenities further than that. At J Suites, you also get complimentary high speed washer and dryer; an on-site receptionist and concierge is available for anything you or your clients need. We also offer online booking software, cleaning, ongoing education, monthly events, beverage service and more. Our leases include one week vacation per year (with multi-year leases), optional maternity and paternity leave and suite sharing at no additional cost. Reach out to find out more about our amenities at our luxury salon suites!


What kind of professionals can rent a salon suite at J Suites?


Established health, beauty and wellness professionals with a solid client base flourish in our South Jersey salon suites. If you’re up to the challenge of owning a business and thrive in a supportive community where fellow business owners help each other succeed, then you are the perfect fit with J Suites! You can even take our online quiz here to see if you're ready for salon suite ownership. Our beauty collective is open to professionals of all industries to reach our full potential. We invite massage therapists, estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, lash and brow artists, skin care specialists, nail artists, spray tanners, and more to lease one of our salon suites in South Jersey. Not only do we have the perfect salon suites for all professionals, but we will also give exclusivity based on your specialty! No matter your industry, you can grow your client base through networking with the other suite owners.


If I need to take a personal leave, what happens to my salon suite rental?


At J Suites, family is so important to us. Our salon suites offer an optional maternity and paternity program. Simply let us know that you would like to opt in, and we’ll discuss how we can help you plan for family leave. You can choose how long you will be out and we will adjust your rent to accommodate that. This ensures you don’t have to pay while you are not working! Moreover, if you sign a multi-year lease, you will get one week per year of free rent to use for vacation! At J Suites, we believe that finding a work life balance is as important as a successful career!


How are salon suites the best option for owners AND our clients?


Your clients will love coming to see you at J Suites. Once they walk into our luxurious and gorgeous lobby, your receptionist will greet them, provide directions to your suite, and offer them a cup of coffee. Then, once in your suite, your client gets private one-on-one time with you. Most clients form even greater bonds with their stylist because of this! While visiting you in your studio, your client can book all of the other services they are looking for within our beauty collective too, whether that’s an eyebrow wax while they are processing, or getting a manicure after her blowout. Clients love the convenience of the one stop beauty shop at J Suites.


As an owner, you can expect to expand your client base in a luxurious environment. On average, our owners earn at least 60% more upon opening their studio salon, and many people earn even more! Talk with Sue about our income comparison spreadsheet, where we can compare your existing income with what your income would look like as a business owner.


That said, making more money is not the only thing you will love about being at J Suites, you’ll find a community of owners who support you, and the freedom of being your own boss means you can control your own schedule, create your own rules, charge the prices you want, carry the products you love, decorate your space to reflect your brand, and more!


How much does a salon suite at J Suites cost? What do I need to pay upfront?


Our luxury salon suites in South Jersey vary in price depending on location, suite size, and amenities (like windows or private entrances), but in general, our leases start at $350/week depending on location and size. All that is required prior to moving in is a security deposit of $1,000 for hair suites and $500 for non-hair suites. That is all you pay up front, making opening your own beauty or wellness business completely attainable!


What comes in a salon suite at J Suites?


A typical single chair hair suite will come furnished with a movable styling station, styling chair, stand-behind reclining shampoo station, back bar, and color mixing station with hand sink. Non-hair suites will have plenty of storage and a hand sink. All suites have motion sensors, dimmable gorgeous lighting, plenty of outlets on all walls, chandelier-ready ceilings, and glass doors. Your safety is very important as well, that is why we have 24/7 security cameras in our common areas. Also, our beauty suites in South Jersey are generally larger than those of other salon suite providers.


Can I personalize my studio?


The answer is always YES! We love to see the unique decor of your luxury salon suites. Your space should reflect you and your brand, so feel free to wallpaper, paint, hang artwork, even a chandelier! Just make sure we can put it back to the condition you received it when you leave. Rent a salon suite in South Jersey with J Suites today and make your vision of your salon a reality!

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