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The Lighting in Each J Suite Salon Suite

Lighting is one of the most important things anyone looks for in a salon suite, so we put a LOT of thought into it. See what sets our lighting apart.

One of the things we, at J Suites, have really put a lot of work into is the lighting in each suite. We know how important the right light is for any artist, so the first thing we did was try to get as much light into the building as possible. Where we could, we cut big windows into suites and we use a lot of glass to let that natural light pour through to other suites. In addition to the natural light, the lights we put into the suites are pretty special. Keep reading to see why!

We decided to go with LED lights because we could customize the color temperature and give our salon suites the perfect light, our lights are configured to bright white light that is not too yellow or too blue. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a measure of a light source capability to reveal the true color of an object in comparison to the color presented by natural light (How important is that to you?) The highest possible CRI rating is 100, that is natural daylight. A standard incandescent lightbulb would be at about 50CRI, our lighting is set to 90CRI – BEAUTIFUL!

This is a suite. Two parallel bars are the ceiling lights and the back wall has our signature cove light. The numbers you see are footcandles (FC), which measure the intensity of the light taken at 3’ above the floor. The intensity required for hairstylists is 30FC and 50FC for barber services, in J Suites, at the chair, we are getting well over those levels, AND we have additional light coming from our styling stations, so you’ll be using that dimmer!

Within your suite, you have two parallel lights recessed into the ceiling and one cove light against the back wall. These are the LED lights that we configured so perfectly. They create a smooth, effective downward light without shadows, glare or hot spots and distribute the light beautifully. You also get light from your styling station if you’re a stylist, AND all suites are wired for a chandelier, so if you wanted to add a decorative chandelier or something that adds to the light in your suite, we always encourage that!

For more information on decorating your salon suite, click here

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