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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Salon Suite

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

It can be overwhelming at first, when you think about decorating your salon suite, but it can also be REALLY fun! And, it’s part of what makes your business your own. Clients love to walk into a space and say, “Oh wow, this place is so YOU!” It reinforces your brand and creates even more intimacy between you and your client. You can do this!

What you get and the steps to making it yours

What you get at J Suites is a salon suite that is a vanilla box to make your own. All suites will come with:

  • 5 ft of upper and lower cabinetry in black with white quartz counter and undermount sink

  • Dimmable overhead lighting

  • Cove lighting to highlight your focal wall

  • Ceiling prewired for chandelier

  • White marble looking epoxy floor

  • 10ft high drop ceiling

And hair styling suites also have:

  • Movable lighted styling station in black

  • Sleek styling chair in black

  • Reclining shampoo station in black with white bowl

To make this vanilla box your own, you need just 5 simple steps


Collect Inspiration

You can take that vanilla box and start your design by gather inspiration photos. Start a Pinterest board or just collect pictures of suites or salons or spas that you love and start looking at why you love them? What do they have in common? Are there specific details you want to replicate? Maybe a color scheme you love and a detail of a wall mural you really want. Once you have a good idea, you can start shopping!

Some places to start finding inspiration:

- Look through Pinterest for salon suite inspiration

- @salonsuiteinspo on Instagram

- A good old web search

Start With Your Walls

Setting the tone for your suite has a lot to do with color, and once you choose a paint color for the suite, then think about a focal wall. At J Suites we have cove lighting to highlight your focal wall, it could be wallpaper, shiplap, a different paint color for pop and shelving for product, whatever you think would be eye catching and on brand for you. Scour Etsy, lots of people find wallpaper murals or flower walls there. A focal wall can really grab the attention of people walking by, just make sure you can return the wall to its original state when it’s time to move out.

Where to find wall inspiriation

- Refine your color palette at Design Seeds

- Seach Etsy for wallpaper, decals, paneling, murals and other details for a focal wall

- Benjamin Moore is a geat place to get inspiration for paint color

Add Jewelry - Your Chandelier

You also have the option of a chandelier for your salon suite. You’ll have plenty of light from the dimmable overhead light, the cove light, and the lighted styling station, but a chandelier can really give personality to a space – it’s often called the jewelry of architecture, so pick something that goes with your style! There are lots of options at many price points.

Our favorite lighting stores

- Lamps Plus has lots of lighting options for every budget

- If you have a boho vibe or want something really unique, Anthropologie has some great options

Display Your Retail

One of the most important parts of a salon suite is the retail display. Many suite owners can pay their weekly rent with just the retail they sell! Remember, now you make all the profit from what you sell, and you get to choose the products that you love! Make sure you have beautiful shelves to display your retail. Even if you prefer to sell online, make sure you have one sample to show your client how to use it or let them actually see and smell it. Again, looking at inspiration photos is a great way to find a display that speaks to you.

Where to find shelves

- Your favorite home improvement store will have basic floating shelves

- If you have a sleek modern aesthetic, CB2 is a favorite

Add Furniture for Function

Lastly, once you have the décor the way you want, you need to think about what you need to operate. Do you need storage for anything special? You may need additional furniture. Maybe you would like a podium for your ipad for checkout, or a comfy chair for guests to sit in while they process under your lights, or a cute rug that welcomes people when they walk in and cleans their feet. Have fun with it all and make it practical!

Best places to get furniture

- Wayfair is always an easy place to start

- Or get lost in Ikea

- Home Goods is everyone's favorite place

Want to learn more about Salon Suites?

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