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Receptionist to the Rescue!

One of the great perks for J Suites Suite Owners is our wonderful receptionist. If you are looking for a luxury salon suite, a receptionist is a must! Here's why.

J Suites Luxury Salon Suite New Jersey Receptionist
J Suites (Somers Point New Jersey) Receptionist and Lobby

There are plenty of salon suite options popping up in South Jersey these days, so why choose J Suites? Well, when we polled our J Suites salon suite owners about all of their amenities, in their top 3 most important was always the full-time salon suite Receptionist & Concierge.

Your Receptionist is here to greet your guests and show them to your suite, keep the common areas clean and stocked, sort and deliver your mail, and generally care for you and your guests. They take care of other issues, too, like children running in the hall, calling the handyman to get something fixed ASAP, help a walk-in find the right professional for their needs, or even just chat with your client and offer them tea or coffee while they wait for you! Having someone to address issues onsite immediately makes a huge difference in how you enjoy your suite life. Our concierges are what put J Suites well above the competition.

When we say we have the most amenities, we mean it! Want to learn more about our other amenities? Click here to learn more.

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