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J Suites x L'Oreal x SalonCentric

J Suites is so proud to offer our South Jersey styling suite owners an exclusive opportunity with L'Oreal Professional and SalonCentric. Read on to learn more about this exciting partnership and how it can benefit you!

When a stylist moves into a salon suite from a traditional salon, one of the most appealing benefits is the ability to use whichever product you choose. That is a great draw for some to a salon suite, however for others, they see two distinct disadvantages:

  1. The cost of the initial purchase of a color line

  2. The chance that a client comes in for their appointment and says, "I want to try going [insert color you don't have in stock]"

J Suites brings New Jersey Salon Suites Exclusive Opportunity

Well, thanks to a partnership with L'Oreal and SalonCentric, J Suites now has a solution to both of those problems for salon suite owners in New Jersey. We will have a color mixing area in the Owner's Lounge stocked with Majirel, Dia, BlondStudio and INOA. Of course, all suite owners are encouraged to use whatever product you choose, but it's conveniently there for you in case you need it! Don't have the money to put out for your initial purchase, head to the Owner's Lounge and mix up your color for each client while you slowly build your line. Don't want to take up the cabinet space with color at all, only use the color in the back. Ran out of lightener, run to the Owner's Lounge and grab some while you wait for your order to come in. Client wants to switch to red today, the Owner's Lounge has what you need. You pay only for what you use. Easy!

There are even more benefits for every hairstylist leasing a suite at J Suites, every new suite owner will get a L'Oreal welcome gift of 6 complimentary tubes of color, developer and travel size Serie Expert, in-salon education, and retail in the lobby that you can sell and get commission from so you don't have to carry the retail in your salon suite. Also, SalonCentric is providing additional education for J Suites owners to help with your suite business, marketing, professional development and more!

"I switched to LP's INOA line because it’s ammonia free with no smell. Turns out it’s also so much easier to work with, the grey coverage is great, and my clients love it! They have noticed that they like their color better, it’s shinier and healthier, and an added bonus they have even been getting compliments on their color since switching!" - Stephanie Van Sciver, owner of Hair by Stephanie, inside J Suites of Mount Holly

At J Suites, when we say Culture of Support we mean it! Not only are we building our community suite by suite, but we foster that community with events, classes, celebrations and trying to support your needs with partnerships like this one!

Check out our FAQ page to answer common questions.

Schedule a 15 minute call with Sue to see if J Suites is a good fit for you.

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