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J Suites Makes Being a Salon Suite Owner Easy!

Is your fear of business ownership holding you back from salon suite ownership? At J Suites, we've made it way easier than you think!

J Suites Makes Being a Salon Suite Owner Easy

Is the idea of all the paperwork that goes into opening a suite intimidating for you? Are you worried about having to keep up with your supply orders? Are you stuck in your salon because you're worried about the work of being a business owner?


J Suites makes being a salon suite owner easy because we support you through the entire process! Here's how:

1. Getting started

  • Once you sign your lease, you'll get our handy checklist with all of the links and resources you need to get setup as a business and suite owner. Simply go down the checklist, click the links and follow the instructions.

  • Sue, the owner of J Suites, has helped hundreds of suite owners through this exact process so she can answer any questions you have along the way. She will even review your shop application before you send it to the board to make sure you have everything right!

  • With 3 locations in South Jersey, J Suites has a great relationship with the Cosmetology Board and the board inspectors, so the process is smooth and seamless.

  • Our Group Chat is a great resource, too! You can post a questions and the suite owners who have done it before you are more than happy to help! They've been through it so they all understand. It takes a village, and J Suites is that! :)

  • If you don't want to go through the expense of stocking color, there is a full color line in the owner's lounge that you can buy by the ounce!

“I had so much help getting all the paperwork done and getting in the suite! Sue and the other owners are always there to help!” - Heather, owner of Twisted Scissors Salon

2. Once you’re up and running

  • J Suites support doesn't end when you get into your suite! We have ongoing education on business and marketing as well as industry classes. And if there is a class you would like to have, just ask Sue and she will find that resource for you.

  • Vendors are always coming to our suites to support you - like scissor sharpening and brand reps. They come to help you the same way they come to help traditional salons!

  • Again, Sue has seen it all, so if you are thinking about making a business decision and you have questions, she's a phone call or text away. Not sure about how to raise your prices, or do you want to try out a new product and don't know where to start, just shoot her a text and the answer is there!

  • You're never alone at J Suites, the community we have fostered makes you feel supported by the other suite owners, too! You'll often hear someone say, "I'm running to SalonCentric, does anyone need anything?" We're all in it together at J Suites!

  • Having a receptionist is a great help, too. You can focus on your clients while your receptionist makes sure the common areas are clean and stocked and that your next client is happily having some coffee while waiting for you in the lobby! No need to stop working to buzz someone in, or run out of your suite to stock toilet paper.

"I can contact Sue anytime she’s always there ! Personal or professional." - Danielle, owner of DH Hair Designs

If there is anything else that is holding you back from taking the first step to the freedom of being a salon suite owner, text or call Sue and see if she can help! 609-301-0125

Here are some links to learn more about suite ownership:

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