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Top 10 Reasons to Open Your Own Salon Suite (And Be Your Own Boss!)

Here are the top 10 reasons beauty professionals say they love about renting their salon suite at J Suites

1. Control Your Schedule

The NUMBER ONE reason beauty professionals love the move to a salon suite is that they can control their own schedule. No blackout dates for vacations, no forced weekend days, schedule your salon suite hours around your life. Work when you’re at your best and take time off when needed. If you want to work more hours, you just schedule it! You can create a plan that works for you rather than having to fit around someone else’s routine, giving you more flexibility in your schedules without sacrificing income opportunities.

2. Create Your Space

Being able to completely customize your salon suite is one of the greatest perks to being a suite owner. What would your dream salon studio look like? Would it have more of a modern or boho design? Choose your décor, music and more to create a beautiful space that you look forward to coming into everyday. You can create an atmosphere of your choice for you and your clients.

3. Community

Contrary to what you might think, working in a salon suite is not at all a solitary endeavor. Most suite owners say that the community they share within J Suites is unlike anything else. No more toxic work environments, we carefully curate the people who are joining our beauty collective so that everyone who signs with us is there to support each other and lift each other up. You will always have someone a few doors down to ask advice, step into the owner’s lounge for a cup of coffee, or go out to lunch with. And J Suites has events to keep us all loose, too, from happy hours, to pizza days, to celebrating each other’s birthdays!

4. Distraction Free

While there is a community surrounding you, beauty professionals say they love working behind a closed door in their salon suite. Imagine being able to work in an entirely distraction-free space! You can focus on your work without worrying about coworkers stopping by your desk with gossip. Salon suites create a peaceful environment where you can do your best work because there are no distractions.

5. Privacy

In addition to not having distractions, most stylists say that working out of a salon suite deepens their relationship with their clients because of the privacy they share during the appointment. Your clients will feel more comfortable sharing with you knowing that it is just the two of you in the room.

6. Freedom

Running your own salon suite means you can make the decisions that best suit you. You can choose who will become your clients, which products and services you’d like to provide, and at what price. You set the rules for your business, with nobody looking over your shoulder, you don’t have to get permission to take on a new product line or get approval to increase your prices. This frees you up to be creative, motivated and inspired.

7. Safety

Safety is everyone’s priority and salon suites owners say they feel much safer working in a suite. It is much easier to control who you allow to come in and out of your studio, there are security cameras in the common areas, a receptionist to monitor who enters the building, and locks on every suite door.

8. Turnkey

Our suite owners love that the salon suites come fully furnished with everything you need to get started working for yourself. For hair stylists, the stand behind shampoo bowl has a backbar and color mixing area right behind it with plenty of storage and there is a styling chair and styling station with loads of storage. For estheticians, there is power in the floor for your massage table, and so much more.

9. Cleanliness

Nothing is worse than working in a dirty salon! With J Suites, your salon suites will be deep cleaned every other week, and in the meantime, you can control every inch to make sure your space is sparkling. In these unprecedented times, clients really want everything to be clean and sanitized and you have full control over that with the ability to fully sanitize every surface between each client.

10. Increased Income

The last reason anyone gives for owning their salon suite, but the one that always happens, is the increase in earnings! Sometimes it is really life-changing money! With the flexibility of salon suites, you can set your own prices, choose which products to sell and customize your services to make your business more profitable. You’ll be able to grow your clientele because you have more space and resources than you did before. Because of our receptionist and processing lounge at J Suites, you’ll also be able to work more efficiently, so you can do more in less time and make more money. Lastly, customer retention rates are higher in salon suites because clients tend to stick around longer when multiple services are available in one place.

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