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Salon Suites are for more than just Hair Stylists! Read on to see who else does really well in a salon suite.

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Of course salon suites attract hair stylists, and we are generally 70-80% filled by them, but here is some math to throw at those non stylists who are looking to start a beauty/health/wellness business. J Suites in Marlton, for example, has 28 suites and if 75% are filled by stylists, that's at least 21 hairstylists in the building. We know a busy stylist sees around 10 client a day, so that means 2100 people walk through the halls of our building just to get their hair done! If you could capture just one half of 1% of those people as new clients, that would bring you 52 new potential clients in one week!

Gain up to 52 new clients in one week!

Now here's some marketing to throw at you: What if you need a quick influx of new clients, so you make a deal with the other 27 salon suite owners in the building - if they recommended 4 people to you, you will give them a free service? Let's say only 20% of those suite owners actually do it, that is 21 new clients. AND we know that stylists prefer their clients having multiple services in one place because it makes them less likely to leave! Win - Win!

An easy way to add 21 new clients!

Add to all of this the fact that we have a receptionist at J Suites. You could also incentivize the receptionist to mention your service to anyone in the processing lounge or lobby. What you told them that for every person they sent you, you would give them a $50 credit for service? With 2100 people coming through per day, chances are pretty good that they can get you more than a few per week!

Marketing tools only available at J Suites!

Creating a one-stop-shop for our clients is what we aim for at J Suites, that's why we offer exclusivity to qualifying services and have great lease incentives for all professionals! Click here to schedule a quick call with Sue to learn more!

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