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Marketing Ideas for Valentine's Day

As a salon suite owner, you're now marketing yourself and should be promoting the product you have in stock. Here are some tips for marketing around Valentine's Day!

Now that you own your salon suite, it's time to market yourself, your salon suite, and the product you sell. Holidays provide for some really unique opportunities for that. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we thought we'd look at this holiday as an example. Here are some great ideas for you to incorporate.

Pamper Packages

Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to partner with your fellow suite owners for a self-love "Pamper Package." Maybe it's a package of blowout, eyebrow wax and facial; or conditioning treatment, massage and lash lift; whatever you come up with, it's sure to sell! Clients who are in relationships or not will love the idea of giving themselves some love on Valentine's Day. Each suite owner can promote it on social media and with signage within their suite - a great way to cross promote each other!

Retail Packages

Make it easy for your client's spouse by bundling together a little package that they can just pick up and gift. You can also promote gift cards as an easy last minute gift idea. Make sure to post on social media and place these near your window so passers by can see them.

Client Love

Want some great social media content? Valentine's Day is a great way to show "Client Love." Maybe post 14 days of your favorite client transformations leading up to Valentine's Day? Your clients will love being featured, its a great way to showcase your work, and it's easy content.

Show me love

Why not encourage people to show YOU love by posting their love for your suite and offer a free treatment or something to anyone who does! This will help to promote your work, your suite, and grow your following.


While you are promoting all of the above, make sure you hashtag correctly. You want to be found, don't you? Try these and any others that make sense for your promotion... #ValentinesDay, #ValentinesDay2023, #ValentinesDayIdeas, #ValentinesDayGifts, #SinglesDay, #BeMine, #GalentinesDay, #Selflove, #Clientlove, #PamperPackage

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