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The Story Behind J Suites Luxury Salon Suite Design

Unlike a franchise, which dictates how franchise owners build and design their salon suites, J Suites luxury design was created by founder, Sue Jacquette. Read on to see how she came up with the look and feel.

J Suites Luxury Design
Rendering of J Suites Lobby

Hello! I'm Sue, president and founder of J Suites! In the very early days, when J Suites had no name and was just an idea forming in my mind, I started thinking about how it would look and feel. I knew I wanted to build a community of salon suite owners, I knew I wanted it to be luxury, and I knew I wanted something unique. Having worked in the salon suite industry since it first come into the area in 2019, I knew that glass was the key of making it feel like a community. Instead of feeling boxed in, glass would make it feel more like a big salon where we can see each other working. I knew a processing lounge, beverage station and receptionist would be some of the amenities I wanted to offer. I knew I wanted the floors to be epoxy, but be really special. I knew the suite signs would be blade signs.

With this beginning of an idea, I reached out to a company that does renderings and asked them to do a rendering of what was forming in my head. "Make the floors look like a slab of white marble." "Use this painting as a mural in the lobby." "The glass will have black mullions like this." After a few rounds back and forth, we came up with the above rendering. It was perfect and exactly the vibe I wanted to capture. Moody, modern, upscale and just so pretty! I then took that picture to an architect and said, "Build me this!" The architect did, but tried to change a few things, like he wanted to use a different mural in the lobby and I said "No! The exact mural I picked!" He tried to change up the design of the styling stations and chairs, but I stuck with my gut and I'm glad I did.

Sue Jacquette in J Suites Lobby
Founder Sue Jacquette in J Suites Lobby

The final result is so emotional for me to stand in. It's truly amazing to have what was just an idea turn into something real that you can stand in and show people. When clients walk into J Suites and say how beautiful it is, I can't tell you how proud it makes me feel. And I'm truly honored when potential suite owners come in for a tour and tell me that they appreciate all of the little touches I put in for them. That's really special to me.

Oh! The mural turned out to be a real branding statement, too. As suite owners come out to take pictures of their clients in the sunlit lobby, that beautiful mural I fought for is in the background of all those after shots!

~ Sue


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