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J Suites, Marlton - Our Flagship Salon Suites

Read on to see why the Flagship J Suites in Marlton will be the absolute best salon suites in all of New Jersey!

Marlton New Jersey Salon Suites  in the Marlton Square Shopping Center

Before we get started on the specifics of J Suites Marlton, you might be wondering what exactly a flagship store is. Typically it will be:

The largest store in a chain

The most popular or busiest location

The store with the best design details and execution

The store that best embodies the company’s brand

If you have been following J Suites, you know that we are already the most beautiful salon suites in New Jersey (we think in the whole country, but we haven't checked them all). Our Somers Point, NJ and Mount Holly, NJ locations are so beautiful, it's hard to improve on the design at all, but we were able to make a few changes in Marlton, NJ that will help these salon suites' design stand out.

One of the things we are most proud of at J Suites is the amount of glass we use in our salon suites. Click here to watch more tours of Somers Point and Hainesport to see for yourself. Having sliding glass doors and glass paneled corners in some of the suites allows for us all to see into each other's suites. It not only adds to the feeling of being in a busy salon and surrounded by other stylists, fostering the feeling of community at J Suites, but also helps light flow through the building. In Marlton we are taking that concept even further, with floor to ceiling glass! In our other locations, the glass is 8 feet tall, but in Marlton, the glass will soar to 10 feet - the full height of the salon suite ceilings! We're also building full walls of glass facing the storefront, so we can get as much natural light as possible into every suite. In all suites, the glass doors are 7ft tall with 3 ft of additional glass above them, and in some, there's even more glass than that! Take a look at these configurations of doors and surrounding glass.

luxury high end salon suites in Nj
Front view of suite doors and glass panels in J Suites

The last drawing, with the horizontal panel of glass is a transom window. It is a 3 ft tall, 9.5 foot wide glass panel placed at 7ft high in the wall between salon suites with a window to the outside and the suites behind them. That way, some suites without windows still get natural light while maintaining privacy! What other salon suites have that?

Another of the standout features of J Suites are the floors. When anyone first walks in the door, the first thing they usually comment on are the shiny, gleaming, white marble looking epoxy floors. Well, in Marlton, we are adding a touch of gold to them (cue swoon and faint).

Salon Suites Marlton New Jersey
Actual epoxy sample made for J Suites Marlton

A flagship is typically the largest store of the chain. While J Suites in Somers Point has 18 salon suites, and Mount Holly has 20, our Marlton location will have 28 suites, of which, 5 have windows to the outside, 5 are quiet rooms, and 10 suites are designed to bring in natural light. This makes it the largest J Suites location for sure, but not so big that we risk sacrificing our unique culture. (Click here to read more about J Suites culture.) At 28 suites, we can all still know each other, gather to celebrate together, and support each other. Some salon suite franchises in the area have 60 suites in one building, there is just no way to foster a culture of community with that many people.

Also, of our 28 suites, we have some seriously unique features in many of them! Just take a look at suite 16. It is 30% larger than most double suites in New Jersey, and has loads of natural light, extra storage, two shampoo bowls and so much more.

Floorplan of J Suites Luxury Salon Suites in New Jersey

If you are curious to learn more, click here to schedule a confidential call with Sue, who can answer all of your questions.

Do you think you are ready for salon suite ownership? Click here to take our quiz and find out.

Did you know that J Suites also has the most amenities of any salon suites? Click here to learn about all of the amenities you get at J Suites.

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