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Philadelphia Style Magazine Recognizes Sue Jacquette as an Innovator in Aesthetic & Beauty

Philadelphia Style Magazine featured J Suites President and Founder, Sue Jacquette in its "Innovators in Aesthetics & Beauty" section earlier this year.

Philadelphia Style Magazine Recognizes Sue Jacquette as an Innovator in Aesthetic & Beauty
Sue Jacquette in Philadelphia Style Magazine

We want to thanks Philadelphia Style Magazine for recognizing our founder, Sue Jacquette, as in innovator in the beauty industry. Read the article excerpted below.




Sue Jacquette had already helped build some of the first suites in the area when she

decided to go out on her own and offer something she saw lacking in the industry. She created J Suites, the most exclusive salon suite brand that allows creatives to focus on their craft in a stylish space, while being surrounded by a culture of support.

Until this business model recently came into the region, the only option for a stylist who wanted independence was to open a traditional salon, which is risky, difficult and expensive. Instead, Jacquette takes on that burden and offers fitted out mini salons for beauty professionals to lease and run as they wish. "It's fully turn-key. They move in and run their own business alongside other professionals doing the same thing. They name their salon, decorate it, choose their hours, products, prices and services; it's their business. Suites really open the door to business ownership to people who otherwise would never have had the opportunity." With two locations open, Hainesport and Somers Point, and her third set to open later this year in Marlton (her flagship already leasing), she will have brought 70 new business owners into South Jersey this year.

As salon suites begin to open their doors locally, J Suites separates itself from the rest not just with Jacquette's luxurious design, but with unrivaled amenities and culture. Each location includes a receptionist, processing lounge, and more, giving suites owners at J Suites more amenities than anywhere else. She is also offering family leave and vacation, among other unique perks. Finally, Jacquette is also discerning about who she lets lease from her. "I like to think that we are creating our J Suites tribe, suite by suite, only bringing in people who are like-minded, positive, entrepreneurial and here to support one another. It's just a wonderful place to work, because of the space AND the people you are surrounded by."

Want to get to know more about Sue, read this Q&A with her, and read this article she wrote on International Women's Day. Want to get to know her yourself? Click here to schedule a call or click here to schedule a meeting at one of the suites!

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