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8 Tips for Client Retention in Your Salon Suite

Why does client retention matter in the salon suite industry? Read on to find out and get 8 tips to make sure you clients keep coming back.

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Clients meant the world to all successful salon businesses, but in salon suites, our client relationships have the potential to go even deeper. Yes, attracting new clients is essential for growing your salon suite business, but retaining existing ones is the only way to really fill your book and keep it full. Client loyalty can make or break your suite business, so let’s dig into how you can focus on retention by implementing these 8 easy tips.

Why does client retention matter for my salon suite?

In the world of small businesses, it’s widely known that retaining an existing client costs a lot less than attracting new ones. This means turning any new client sitting in your chair into a returning client is the least expensive way to grow your book.  Also, once they become your loyal clients, they are more likely to spend more money per visit, refer friends and family, and provide supportive social media content, etc.

What should my client retention goal be?

While the answer to this can vary depending on the types of services you offer, a client retention average of 60–70% is generally considered good. In other words, if you see 100 new clients this month, 60 to 70 of them should return for another service within a year. Does that seem impossible? Absolutely not! Read on to see how you can exceed that goal with 8 easy tips.

1. A Beautiful Space

Make your salon suite a place your guests love coming to - not just for the excellent service, but for other touches that all contribute to an unforgettable experience. At J Suites, they will be greeted by a friendly receptionist and offered a beverage, which makes for a great first impression, but once they get into your suite, make sure you incorporate stylish and functional decor that suits your brand and choose music that fits your vibe. Making clients feel like they are in a space where they can get to know you encourages deeper bonding. This is something salons can’t offer so really take advantage of your suite advantage here.

2. Upsell the Experience

Believe it or not, upselling the client experience can not only increase your revenue, but it will enhance the client experience and increase your service’s perceived value. Think about it – if Sally got a haircut and color from you, she could get basically the same cut and color from the suite next to you. BUT, if you also give Sally a special treatment that has her leaving with softer hair, that is going to be something that she see as unique to you. Upselling improves the chance that they’ll book again for services they loved.


3. Personalize Services

You already know to greet any new clients by name, but also make notes on everything as you get to know them while they are in your chair: their preferred beverage, special requests, birthdate, children’s names, etc.  With the Gloss Genius software that is included in your rent at J Suites, you can not only track past purchases (both services and retail) but it gives you a place to enter all this information, too. This allows you to tailor your service to this client every time and gives you the opportunity to send personalized birthday texts, email offers/invitations for your most loyal clients, or send out a text with an offer to any clients who haven't booked you in a while.


4. Loyalty Program

With a well thought out loyalty program, you can generate even more repeat visits to your salon suite. The easiest one is a simple punch card system, but you could do a points system, too - keeping track of dollars spent to redeem for a service or product later. The trick here is to pick incentives that appeal to your clientele but won't break the bank. This might be a free treatment after ten visits or VIP access to new products and services.

-              Don’t make it over complicated

-              Make sure you promote it everywhere – social media, in your suite, push out a text alert


5. Referral Program

Like the loyalty program, having a referral program that rewards clients for bringing in a new customer can help expand your clientele and boost your salon suite client retention rate. The easiest way to do this is to reward the referrer and the referred guest with matching discounts or services. Again, make sure you promote this everywhere as well!


6. Always Improve

Ask clients, while they are in your chair or in an occasional survey email, what you can do to improve. Showing clients you value their opinions and are willing to make changes based on their feedback will also help boost loyalty. For example, you might not realize that your clients would prefer if you asked if they wanted a scalp massage with a shampoo instead of just including it every time, but if a client tells you that and you change your practice for them, that client is going to feel much more invested in your business because you cared so much!


7. Stay Connected

These days we have so many ways to stay front of mind with our clients: email newsletters, text messages and social media can all help to keep clients informed about new services, special offers, and events.  Text appointment reminders and follow-up messages are essential, but you can also use your Gloss Genius software to send a message to all of the clients you haven’t seen in a while encouraging them to come back and try your new service. You’ll be surprised how many people just forget!  


8. VIP Events

The last tip is to treat your loyal clients like the VIPs they are! Plan an exclusive party or give them early access to new products and services. These things not only show your clients your appreciation, but also gives them the opportunity to engage with your brand on a deeper level. And, as an added bonus, its an opportunity for more content for your social media – which can encourage other clients to become even more loyal!


There you have it! 8 easy tips to grow your book by encouraging client retention. Build a loyal community that supports you and grows your business by creating an environment where clients feel valued and appreciated! In the end, you’ll have created a brand with a great reputation and a supportive community!

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