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J Suites is the First Salon Suite Provider in the South Jersey Shore Region and Mount Holly Area

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

In the new, beauty industry disrupting concept, dominated by corporate and franchise run salon suites, J Suites is a woman owned, independent, NJ based salon suite provider that will open its first two locations in the beginning of 2023.

J Suites, the leader in luxury salon and spa coworking spaces in New Jersey will open its first locations in early 2023. Somers Point will have the first J Suites location in the Ocean Heights Plaza and the second location will be in Crossroads Plaza in Hainesport. Salon Suites have disrupted the ever-expanding $70 billion beauty industry by providing turn-key, mini salon spaces for health, wellness and beauty entrepreneurs in a coworking salon and spa space.

"The most rewarding part of what I do is help to change the lives of these beauty professionals," said Sue Jacquette, President and Founder of J Suites. “To go from a commissioned employee to the freedom of running your own business means these (mostly) women, many of whom are working mothers, can take control of their schedules and end up earning more than 60% more than they were. It is truly life-changing for them!”

Ms. Jacquette previously worked for another corporate owned salon suite provider as Chief Operating Officer before branching out to launch her own brand. There, she placed over 100 entrepreneurs into business ownership and plans to outpace that number with J Suites in the next 2 years.

"2023 will be an exciting year for J Suites as we open our first 3 locations across South Jersey, beginning with Somers Point and Mount Holly" said Ms. Jacquette, “The salon suite space desperately needed an exclusive and truly luxury brand for the high-end beauty professionals, and that is the niche we are filling at J Suites.”

With plans to open 6 locations in the next 2 years, J Suites is poised to become the largest independently owned salon suite provider in the South Jersey region. And with a keen eye on beautiful design, unparalleled service to the business owners and their clients, and providing the most amenities of any competitor, J Suites will be the most exclusive salon suite provider in the region as well.

For more information call or text 609-301-0125 or visit our Instagram page

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